List Of The Best Antivirus Apps For Android


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List Of The Best Antivirus Apps For Android

As Android phones have become part of our life, people are no longer using their phones just for communication. It is even used for accessing internet on it. There is much sensitive information that is stored in the phones. Usage of the internet makes it prone to hacking which leads to data leaks and constant threat to privacy. So, it is advisable that you use antivirus apps for Android which will protect the device from all sorts of malicious activities.

List of antivirus apps

  • Kaspersky mobile antivirus: It is one of the remarkable security apps for Android. The free version consists of in-app premium feature. It scans for malware and viruses and along with that, there is anti-theft, real-time protection, anti-phishing, and app locker feature which provide extra protection to the essential apps present in the Android app.
  • Avast mobile security: It provides protection to lots of its users worldwide in multiple platforms. In a single tap, the antivirus scans and find out whether there are any dangerous or infected apps and trojans. Thus, it aids in providing complete protection against spyware and viruses. It has features which can remove ads and you can also use the app locking facility along with some other advanced features like camera trap.
  • Bitdefender: It is that powerful antivirus tool which provides complete protection against all the Android threats when it is installed successfully. It is one of the most lightweight apps that is based on the cloud scanning technology. Due to this, it has superfast scanning ability. When it is installed on the device it will not slow down the device or drain the battery. It is preferred because of its real-time protection.
  • Norton antivirus: The latest version launched by Norton has quite impressive security features. It has a cent percent detection rate, it aids in removing malware or Android viruses which can slow down your Android phone. This can trigger an alarm to find the missing device or remotely lock the device for preventing theft of data or blocking unwanted calls or SMS.
  • McAfee mobile security: McAfee has already won lost of awards for its performance. Most of the features such as security lock, battery optimizers are available in the free version of the antivirus app for Android. Along with an intuitive interface, the best thing about this app is that it has tutorials for all the features.
  • Avira antivirus security: Though Avira is not that well known like other antiviruses still it is equally reliable like others. It has a full set of features and most of them are available in the free version itself. When it is about privacy protection then it ensures that it scans the external storage units and rates the app in terms of privacy.
  • AVG antivirus: If you want a robust antivirus software tool then AVG is that. It is developed by AVG technologies. It is one of the subsidiaries of Avast. It has most of the standard features that are essential in an antivirus. Periodic scans, junk cleaner, power saver are common features. Thus, through its features, it is able to safeguard the Android phone from the malware that can enter the device.

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This is a list of some of the commonly preferred antivirus apps for Android. So, you can choose any of these apps and protect your Android device. The free versions of the app integrate some incredible features for providing all-around protection. Thus, your Android device is protected against viruses and other threats which can affect your phone. With all these fantastic features you are free to use the internet on your device.

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YOU are always welcome to MATUOG.COM. We love to hear from YOU; please do not forget to comment here but remember we have zero tolerance for spam. All unsolicited bulk comment(s) or email(s) are considered as spam.
  • 06291915781
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