Reasons to Say “NO” to Tobacco


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Reasons to Say “NO” to Tobacco

Say NO to Todaco by MATUOG

In whatever form you are smoking that means whether you are an active smoker or passive smoker, smoking is harmful to the body. Once tobacco usage is stopped it takes only 20 minutes to start the recovery process. So, this Tobacco day, say "NO" to tobacco.

Usually by using tobacco, alcohol and drugs spoils both your personality and looks. Looks like you get stained teeth, bloodshot eyes, poor posture, impaired vision. Most of these consequences cause low self-esteem and makes you feel inferior in front of society.

Here are a few reasons due to which you should say “NO” to tobacco:

No Smoking by MATUOG
  • Saves lots of money: You spend a lot of money in purchasing tobacco. Instead of the money that you spend you are actually getting nothing in return. It is going to make your body worse and eventually kill you.
  • Stay fit: When you consume tobacco then it slows down the blood flow from arteries. It may damage the lung tissues which compromise the breathing. It may even affect your mobility to a great extent. If you really care about your health then you should say no to tobacco.
  • Get good health: Tobacco has high nicotine content which reacts with our sleep hormones and results in insomnia and dry eyes. This may also affect your memory power and can lead to memory loss and mental confusion.
  • Gain self-confidence: Instead of getting addicted to tobacco, you should get addicted to some hobby. When you get hooked up with tobacco then you lose freedom of choice and forget about the options for staying independent. Staying confident depends on how independent you are. If you quit tobacco, you will definitely become more self-assured.
  • Get happiness: Once you start consuming tobacco, you will have urge to try other harmful substances. One bad habit leads to another and finally result in even more serious health issues. You have to understand that you are getting only getting temporary happiness out of this. True and real satisfaction doesn’t come from the tobacco it lies within the way we treat other people and the relationships we build with them.

These are some of the reasons that enough for encouraging you to quit tobacco consumption. There are different movements and organizations that encourage non-smoking practices. You are selected into the school team if you have a clear health record, and that will happen only if you are a smoker. Therefore, you should choose the bright future over the nicotine smoke filled present.

Conclusion: It’s not easy to get rid of that bad habit overnight. But at least you have to understand that it is one of the ways to live a happier and healthier life. There are numerous ways by which you can stay motivated and quit consuming tobacco. No tobacco day is the best time when you can get motivated and say no to tobacco. Why wait any longer it may be difficult to quit the habit in a single day but with strong determination, you can do it easily!

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