The Best Indian Cities For Real Estate Investment


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The Best Indian Cities For Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate is considered as the most profitable type of investment. This article deals with the cities in India which are best for real estate investment. The selection of the city basically depends upon the localities of the city, the current prices and the expected price in the upcoming five years. Investment in real estate of these cities will protect the interest of the buyers and show up more transparency in the sector.

Bhubaneswar and Cuttack

These cities are the fastest growing IT and educational hubs. In the past few years, the twin cities Bhubaneshwar and Cuttack has boosted the development in the real estate as well. The market is well regulated as most of the lands of the city are owned by the government. There are numerous upcoming infra projects that may affect the price in the future. Large commercial projects, expansion of the national highway, industrial complex of Kalinga Nagar and such projects makes it the best city to invest in real estate.


The largest city of Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam is considered largest both in terms of area and population. It is one of the commercial hubs of the state with good infrastructure and growing IT industry. This makes the city one of the best cities for real estate investment. From the past few years, it has gathered the attention of real estate investors. Even some of the residential locations are expected to witness capital appreciation in the coming five years.


Chennai is the end-user driven market which makes it less prone to speculation. The capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai is considered as one of the best cities where you can invest in real estate and get huge returns in the coming years. Currently, central Chennai is the most developed part of the city with commercial and residential markets. The north Chennai has industrial developments while south Chennai has residential areas which are turning into commercial zones.


The second largest city in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore is known as Manchester of South India. It is known for burgeoning textile and spinning industry. In recent years the city has diversified from textile to general engineering, automobile parts manufacturing, and IT sector. Earlier real estate investment meant investment in small commercial developments, offices of small businesses and individual houses but now due to the emergence of IT sector, there are various large organized retail developments on which investment could be made.

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Once Pune was considered a sleepy city. This city is located close to Mumbai and gradual growth of education, engineering, IT and automobile have accelerated real estate activity. The Mumbai-Pune expressway has made Pune one of the best places to invest for the real estate investors. Along with all other factors, good weather makes it a preferred destination for the investors.


Ahmedabad is one of the largest business and trading hubs of Gujarat. Most of the employment here is generated from the textile, engineering, chemical, and automobile industries. A huge number of people are attracted to this city because of the increase in employment opportunities. This has driven real estate investment. Many upcoming projects have opened up the peripheral locations so it would be profitable for investors as they can make an investment in real estate now.


With IIM and IIT, Indore is an educational hub which is increasing the development of the city. This city of Madhya Pradesh has the presence of Pharma and auto industry that is influencing the real estate market of the place. Currently, investors are interested in investing in this city due to many upcoming developmental projects.

Thus, if you are one who is looking forward to real estate investments then you can consider any of the listed city and earn huge returns in the future.

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YOU are always welcome to MATUOG.COM. We love to hear from YOU; please do not forget to comment here but remember we have zero tolerance for spam. All unsolicited bulk comment(s) or email(s) are considered as spam.
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